Meet Mr Prabu Naidu. A man of great life and an odd combination of experiences, a professional of the corporate world, and a man who crafts badges in his downtime.

When his Faecal Immunochemical Test Kit (colorectal cancer screening) unexpectedly led to a positive diagnosis of stage 3A Colorectal Cancer, he found comfort in simple joys, and in a group of people with similar experiences. 

Once described as ‘stern, serious and focused’ by those close to him, Mr Prabu now tells a different story. He takes care of all he crosses path with by sharing his lessons from beating cancer with generosity and selflessness. With a renewed sense of gratitude for having the tumour spotted, Mr Prabu pays his blessings forward today, helping others learn the lesson of early screening and cancer awareness.

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Early detection saves lives! Learn more about colorectal screening at no cost: https://bit.ly/scsFITKIT 


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