Amidst her busy schedule juggling a full time job at an accounting firm and part-time studies in accounting, it is hard to imagine that someone like Priya would have the time to volunteer regularly. 

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We recently managed to sit down with Priya, a regular volunteer at Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), to find out more about her motivations behind volunteering, as well as the unique skillset she contributes through her volunteer work.

Seven years ago, Priya received the devastating news that both her mother and grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer. Being pivotal figures to her, Priya realised the fragility of life and the importance of support when she witnessed these two strong women battling cancer.

During this period, Priya helped to run errands, rendered emotional support through meaningful conversations, and bonded with her mother and grandmother over simple tasks like cooking and preparing dinner. The  quality time spent with them was irreplaceable.  As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and with the constant support and encouragement of Priya and her close relatives, her mother and grandmother eventually won the battle against cancer. From that point on, Priya was set on doing whatever she could support cancer patients.

Priya has loved drawing from a young age and this passion gradually evolved to include graphic design. Being a self-taught designer, the projects she worked on were largely for leisure purposes. The photo on the left was from the first time she used an iPad to draw, while the photo on the right depicts a graduation portrait she drew as a gift for a friend.







Lunar New Year greeting


Although conceptualising these designs and bringing them to life requires a fair amount of time and effort, Priya finds the whole process enriching, as doing something she enjoys while being able to raise awareness of cancer is something she finds great meaning in.

“Anyone and everyone can play a part, be it big or small,”says Priya.

Although our short lunch session with Priya came to an end, a new beginning awaits the future volunteers at SCS. Priya urges everyone to step up and contribute in their own unique way to raise awareness of cancer and increase the support provided to the cancer community as one. 

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone - Ronald Reagan

Writen by volunteer Yeo Yu Kheng

Thinking of volunteering?  Learn more about SCS’ volunteering opportunities at https://bit.ly/volunteer-scs

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