Mr Tay Jim Hua, 69 years old, is a throat cancer survivor. He was diagnosed in 2015 and had to undergo five surgeries. He had to have his tongue removed. As a result, he has difficulty speaking and cannot eat solid food. Mr Tay's only form of sustenance is milk, which he feeds himself through a tube.

After his surgery, he faced financial difficulties and was unable to work. His wife was the sole breadwinner and his daughter was still schooling. Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) has been assisting him with the SCS Cancer Care Fund and the SCS Welfare Aid Fund with milk feed assistance. Hear his story here:

The SCS Cancer Care Fund is a one-time financial assistance scheme to alleviate the financial burden of newly diagnosed cancer patients from low or middle income families within the first 6 months of diagnosis. The SCS Welfare Aid fund provides temporary financial assistance and/or medical supplies to enhance the well-being of needy cancer patients. Welfare aid mitigates the financial strain endured by patients and their families, which may arise from unemployment, loss of income, and high treatment costs.

You can help more cancer patients and survivors like Mr Tay by donating to SCS at https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-involved/donate.html

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