Mammogram Screening is More Affordable and More Accessible Now!



Community Mammobus

What is the Community Mammobus Programme About?

To encourage more women to go for a mammogram screening, Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), and National Healthcare Group Diagnostics (NHGD) are making breast screening more affordable by providing funding assistance through the Community Mammobus Programme.

How much do I need to pay to screen on the bus?

Subsidised Rate for Mammogram on Mammobus

Fees (Subsidised rate): 1st Time Screener Repeat Screener  
Singapore Citizen $0 $10  
Permanent Resident $25 $35  

Please register with and contact  the deployment organiser directly to confirm your eligibility and fees payables

Who can screen on the mammobus?

Women aged 40* years old & above (Singapore Citizen, Singapore PR & foreigner) who
• Have not gone for mammography in the last 12 months (40-49 years old)*  /  24 months (50 years old & above) 
• Have no breast symptoms such as breast lumps or nipple discharge 
• Have not been breastfeeding for the past 6 months 
• Not pregnant (Note: Patients with mobility aids are advised to have their mammogram screening done a breast screening centres)

*Women aged 40 to 49 years old can screen for breast cancer but they should talk to their doctor about the benefits and limitations of mammograms in this age group so that they can make an informed choice about going for screening.

Where will the Mammobus be deployed?

For individuals looking to screen on the mammobus, please refer to the list below 


How can I book for the mammobus?

For organisations interested to deploy the mammobus, please contact SCS at communitymammobus@singaporecancersociety.org.sg