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Our volunteers give their time and talents to help us minimise the impact of cancer in Singapore. They participate in a range of activities that address real needs at every stage of the cancer journey. The Society has a robust process (as determined by an established SOP) in place to recruit and screen volunteers and match the talents accordingly. The Community Partnership Department manages the volunteer engagement and coordinates efforts to provide more productive services to the cancer community.


By supporting SCS, volunteers gain the opportunity to:

  • Learn, share, and develop a variety of skills
  • Bond with members of your family or community
  • Make a lasting impact in the lives of others


SCS encourages volunteers from all walks of life to join us in the fight against cancer.



Before Cancer

Volunteers reach out to the public to raise awareness about cancer and early detection through educational talks and screening roadshows throughout the year. There are various platforms for volunteers to get involved in at:


Council and Committees

At the organisational level, there are many opportunities within SCS for individuals to offer their professional advice and services in the council and working committees. 


Corporate and Community Talks

Volunteer doctors share their knowledge about cancer and help the public to keep abreast of developments and detection methods. Volunteers also help to manage the logistical arrangements that take place behind every educational talk by setting up booths, registering participants, and advocating screening.


Silver Ambassador Programme

The Silver Ambassador Project hopes to tap on the talents and experience of seniors to help raise awareness about cancer and advocate for the adoption of healthier lifestyle through screening. If you are aged 50 and above and are able to commit at least 8 hours a month,  please select "Silver Ambassador" under the "Interested in" on the volunteer sign up form. 


Community Screening

Volunteers are trained to raise awareness about cancer and encourage early screening, facilitate FIT kit collection, and advise people on how to use them effectively. 


Community Engagement

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to help run fundraising activities and events like the Race Against Cancer and Relay for Life.



Volunteer writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, analytics experts, and social media gurus can contribute greatly to our mission by putting the cancer message across creatively and effectively.