Singapore Cancer Society's (SCS) Goodwill Ambassadors are well-known personalities in entertainment, lifestyle and other fields of public life who have volunteered to help SCS champion the cancer cause. We would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation to these goodwill ambassadors who assist in raising awareness and rallying support to help SCS in the fight against cancer.

SCS Goodwill Ambassadors




Bridget Fernandez

Bridget Fernandez is an actress who has acted in movies such as The Blue Mansion (2009), Love Is Love (2015) and Achar! (2004). She currently stars in the hit Singaporean TV drama series, Kin, as Celia Shelley.



ed res

Ed Unloaded

Ed Unloaded (Edmund Tay) is an award winning family and travel blogger.


fandi 2

Fandi Ahmad

Fandi Ahmad is arguably the most famous ex-footballer in Singapore. He was the first Singaporean footballer to play in Europe, the first Singaporean millionaire sportsperson and first Singaporean sportsperson to have a published biography. Fandi is the current head coach of Singapore Premier League club Young Lions.


Gayathri Segaran

Gayathri Segaran is an actress who currently stars in the hit Singaporean TV drama series, Kin, as Deanna Bala, a brain cancer patient. She also won the Best Actress Award at Vasantham’s Pradhana Vizha 2018 awards ceremony.


Henry Law

Henry Law is a radio DJ on YES 933. He can be heard on the airwaves every week night from 8pm to midnight. Outside of radio, he is also a live host who has amassed over 7 years experience.


Mastura Ahmad

Mastura Ahmad is a local actress well known for her role in movies like ‘Apprentice’ and hit Singaporean TV dramas like Tanglin and Kin.




Munah Bagharib

Munah Bagharib was one half of the immensely popular YouTube comedy double-act Munah and Hirzi. Since her retirement from the YouTube scene, Munah has pursued an acting career on Singapore television as well as in theatre productions.



Narain is well known for his TV roles in shows such as Lion Mums on Channel 5, and Bimbanggal and Thaalam Indian Beat on Vasantham.


Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim has acted in several English and Chinese dramas produced by MediaCorp and won 2 Best Actress accolades at the annual Star Awards ceremony.


Victoria Cheng

Victoria Cheng is an award-winning entrepreneur and writer who began her career in the F&B industry. She is also a passionate food critic and influential figure in the fitness and gaming scene.


Vikneswary Se

Vikneswary Se is a familiar face on Mediacorp TV Vasantham. She won the Best Actress Award at Vasantham’s Pradhana Vizha 2016 awards ceremony.

aaron moss 

Aaron Charles Mossadeg

Aaron Mossadeg is an actor who landed his first recurring role in Mediacorp Channel 5's first long-form drama, 'Tanglin', and has since worked on numerous television shows like Mata Mata, Whispers of the Dead, Left Behind and Kin.


aaron moss
Glenn Yong

Glenn is a Singaporean actor and singer. He debuted on the television screen in 2019 and in the movies with Ah Girls Go Army in 2021. Moved by the lost of his grandfather from lung cancer and a close friend who was diagnosed with cancer, Glenn He is personally invested in youth outreach efforts to promote anti-smoking & healthy lifestyle.