SCS loans medical and rehabilitation equipment to hospice patients who are under our care. Applicants are subject to means-testing to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of equipment for needy cancer patients to attain the necesary assistance. The following items are available:



Self-Propelled Wheelchair

For patients who have sufficient upper limb strength and are able to wheel themselves.


push chair

Push Chair

For patients who require full mobility assistance.



Commode with Wheels

Helpful for patients who suffer from conditions such as weakness or urinary incontinence, etc.


Ordinary Walking Frame

For patients who require assistance with movement, balance, and posture. 


point stick

Point Stick

For patients who have mild instability, pain, or muscle weakness.


narrow base quadripod

Broad Base Quadripod

For patients who require assistance with balance and stability while walking.

air mattress

Air Mattress

For patients with bed sores.



Oxygen Concentrator

This portable device is used to deliver oxygen to patients who experience low blood-oxygen levels.


portable grip handles

Portable Grip Handles

Adjustable grip handles that can be attached to flat surfaces to aid with support and mobility.




Wooden Ramp

Provides elevation to overcome uneven flooring or pathways for patients in wheelchairs.



A fully refundable deposit (upon return) is required for the loaning of equipment. No rental charges will be levied on patients. Patients who have difficulty putting up the deposit may apply for a deposit waiver.