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Sexuality is an important part of a person’s life. It involves feelings, thoughts, self-image, attractions and behaviors towards others, sexual desire and function. Cancer and its treatments can unfortunately have a negative impact on a person’s sexuality. For instance, nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy can cause discomfort and exhaustion which can in turn lead to a loss in sexual desire. One may also be less able to relax and enjoy sexual intimacy because of the emotional impact of hair loss and weight changes on his self-image.

Please inform your cancer care team if you feel any sexuality-related issues are affecting your daily life, relationships, or self-image. SCS also has a sexologist that offers assistance and counseling for sexuality issues. Please bring it up to your doctor that you would like a referral for an assessment at SCS Rehabilitation Centre and request for an appointment with our clinical sexologist. Our SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Programme accepts patients through hospital or clinic referrals.

See NCSS’ write up at https://www.nccs.com.sg/patient-care/pages/sexuality,-intimacy-and-cancer-for-men.aspx for information on sexuality (men).
See NCSS’ write up on https://www.nccs.com.sg/patient-care/pages/sexuality,-intimacy-and-cancer-for-women.aspx for information on sexuality (women).