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Supporting Cancer Patients to Recovery

After completing treatment and receiving news from the doctor that the cancer is in remission, the journey to recovery for the patient begins. Caregivers would also likely feel relieved and hopeful about caregiving tasks lessening, returning to old lifestyles and focusing on oneself more. However, recovery is a journey and the patient will continue to require his/her caregiver’s support and assistance in adjusting to life in remission. Click here and here for more details on challenges faced by patients in recovery. See NCCS’ write up at https://www.nccs.com.sg/patient-care/Pages/Caring-for-someone-through-cancer-recovery.aspx for more information.

If you find that it is difficult for you to provide caregiving or cope with your feelings while caregiving, seek professional help when necessary. You may speak to your loved one’s cancer care team for help.

While it is normal for a cancer survivor to feel anxious and worried at times, watch for possible signs of post-traumatic stress disorder – when these feelings of anxiety and fear persist, worsen, or affect daily life and relationships. Some people may develop this after being diagnosed with cancer. Talk to your loved one’s cancer care team if you feel that this is a concern.

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