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Prostate Cancer is the 2nd most common cancer and 5th most common cause of cancer death among Singaporean men.

source: Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Report 2018

A survey of local men showed that many think that bothersome urinary symptoms such as increased urinary frequency, slow or weak urinary streams or the need to urinate more often at night are a part of the natural aging process. But in fact, these are common symptoms of prostate cancer.

Join our activities to learn more about the common signs and symptoms, risk factors and treatment options for prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Online Webinars


Prostate Cancer Awareness Webinar 前列腺癌网络讲座

Prostate Cancer Awareness Webinar


Programme: English Webinar 

  • Dr Tan Teck Wei – Consultant Urologist, Urohealth Medical Clinic
    Topic: Risk Factors and Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
  • Dr Jonathan Teh - Senior Radiation Oncologist, Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology
    Topic: Non-Surgical Treatment for Prostate Cancer - What are the options and how to choose?
  • Mr Eddie Low - Member of the SCS Walnut Warriors Prostate Cancer Support Group
    Sharing on his battle against prostate cancer


Programme: 前列腺癌网络讲座 

  • 吴庆晖医生- 顾问, 肿瘤外科 (泌尿科), 新加坡国立大学癌症中心
    话题: 精准医学时代下前列腺癌的诊断
  • 临床助理教授段及龙–胃肠道、肝-胰-胆及泌尿部主任兼高级顾问, 放射治疗科, 新加坡国立癌症中心

话题: 前列腺癌的非手术治疗, 有哪些选择以及如何选择

  • 刘维明先生-新加坡防癌协会“核桃战士”前列腺癌互助小组成员 分享刘先生对抗癌症的经历


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