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Testimonials from Cancer Survivors Who Have Taken the Vaccince



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 "The next day after my first jab, I did a 3km brisk walk. Although I heard from others that side effects will be worse after the second jab I did not experience anything unbearable. Initially, I was a bit concerned. But getting myself protected was more important as I do not want to face the risks by not getting vaccinated once Covid-19 measures are eased – which I hope will one day."

- Mr Teo Khee Huat, colorectal cancer survivor


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"I am a double-cancer survivor of 10 years. As I have no active cancer in my body, and am not presently undergoing any treatment I was told by my doctor that it is safe to take the vaccine. I have just taken my second dose. To protect myself. To protect my family. To protect my friends. And to protect my Singaporean brothers and sisters."

- Mr Ellil Mathiyan, colorectal cancer survivor


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"I experienced no side effects at all after my Covid-19 vaccination. After both jabs of the vaccine, I was still able to continue exercising as per usual. I hope everyone will work together to defeat this virus and would like to encourage all cancer patients and survivors to get vaccinated."

- Mr Tee Poh Huat, tongue and throat cancer survivor



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 "I was diagnosed with high-risk Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in April 2019 with metastasis into the Hip bone. Prior to the Covid-19 Vaccination, I had checked with my physician and he assured me that I can be vaccinated. The day after the first vaccination, I participated in a Table Tennis Competition that I organised even with a slight strain on my left arm. The nurse on my 2nd dose was very skilled as I did not feel any pain but had slight fever on the next day. I need to protect myself, my family and those that I meet. I understand that though the vaccinations are not foolproof, if diagnosed, the symptoms will be less severe and can also protect those around me. I am a cancer survivor!"

- Francis Koh, prostate cancer survivor 


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 "I It is just so important to get vaccinated to protect myself and my loved ones! I was very worried as there were talks of people experiencing various side effects. However, all turned out well for me despite having slight soreness. Remember not to dwell on possible side effects or the experiences of others. Instead, carry on your daily activities and chores as usual. As I ploughed on with my daily exercises, it helped to combat the fatigue that could have been an effect of the jab. Doing so successfully redirected my focus!

- Serene Ong, breast cancer survivor