20 March 2021

Singapore Cancer Society-TalkMed Relay For Life Rallies Over Over 4000 Participants


4 February 2021

Singapore Cancer Society Rallies 21 Industries across Singapore to Celebrate World Cancer Day


29 September 2020

Singapore Cancer Society Launches 3 Digital Platforms to Enhance Awareness, Prevention and Support for Cancer

19 September 2020

Over 4000 Participants Register for the 1st Ever Virtual Singtel – Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer to Create Awareness and Raise Funds for the Fight Against Cancer


18 July 2020

Singapore Cancer Society Expands Public Education and Outreach Efforts with the First Virtual SCS Interschool Competition


31 January 2020

Singapore Cancer Society Rallies the Public to Join the Global Fight


25 October 2019

OneConnect builds AI chatbot for Singapore Cancer Society


28 July 2019

More than 7,600 participants raise over $1.1 million through the 11th Singtel–Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer to benefit patients and their families


31 May 2019

Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Rolls Out HPV Testing At NO COST to All SingaporeanPR Women Aged 30-69 As Part of Efforts to Detect Cancer Early and Increase Survivor Rates Through New Awareness Campaign


3 March 2019

Singapore Cancer Society-TalkMed Relay For Life 2019 Saw Over 7,000 Participants Come Together To Fight Against Cancer and Raise Over $1 Million


27 February 2019

Singapore Cancer Society and National Cancer Centre Ink Partnership to Provide Holistic and Seamless Cancer Support to More Singaporeans & Intensify Upstream Prevention Methods to Reduce Cancer Incidence


 12 February 2019

Singapore Cancer Society Launches First Ever Cancer Film Series – ‘I Do’


28 January 2019

Singapore Cancer Society & Partners Celebrate World Cancer Day on 4 February


26 January 2019

Youths Join in the Fight Against Cancer


31 October 2018

Volunteers raise over $450,000 for Singapore Cancer Society beneficiaries after being impacted by cancer


22 July 2018

Singtel–Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer Raises Over S$1.1 Million for its 10th Anniversary


8 May 2018

Women's Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign 2018


25 January 2018

Singapore Cancer Society collaborates with 3 hospitals to pilot first SCS Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Programme in Singapore