Singapore Cancer Society and the National Cancer Centre Singapore inked a partnership that will provide Singaporeans greater access to integrated cancer care.



The partnership provides a continuum of cancer care beyond treatment that is accessible, affordable and of quality. A dedicated acute rehabilitation centre – the first of its kind, is planned to be developed to provide a 1-stop holistic care plan for cancer patients supported by a multi-disciplinary team that includes oncologists, surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, allied health professionals and psychosocial support staff. An interactive learning hub is also planned to be developed to further educate and empower the public to manage their cancer journey by providing them insights and a glimpse into the actual experience coping with cancer.

One key collaboration is the upstream prevention efforts championed by both parties through a dedicated Cancer Genetics Service Screening Programme, a key advancement in upstream prevention measures to identify potential cancer genes in a strategic bid to reduce cancer incidence. This is the first time a government healthcare institution and voluntary welfare organisation collaborated together on upstream prevention efforts in addition to their current activities.