Navigating The Cancer Journey

cancer journey

Cancer does not discriminate. It impacts people from all walks of life. When the road gets bumpy, it helps to have companions on the journey. SCS journeys with cancer patients at every stage of the cancer journey. The Society provides a range of assistance schemes to alleviate the financial burden of treatment costs for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents from low and middle income families.

These provide cancer patients with avenues for assistance at every stage of treatment: from pre-treatment, when they are first diagnosed with cancer, to post-treatment and beyond. Find out more about our assistance schemes below.


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Treatment cost is one of the many pressing concerns after a cancer diagnosis. Besides worrying about your health, you may also be concerned about your financial status.

Do I have adequate health insurance coverage to cover the cost of treatment?

What are the hidden costs?

Will my family be able to cope financially if I have to stop work?

These are some questions that may run through your mind. Before you start treatment, it is helpful to think about the various costs that could add up during your treatment and recovery process. This will help you track your finances, giving you time to look for financial support and help if necessary. Some common costs for cancer-related care include outpatient cost, medication, transportation charges and family expenses, etc. 

All Singaporeans are covered by heavy government subsidies of up to 80 per cent of the total bill in acute public hospital wards. Other levels of healthcare protection are provided by the following schemes: